Multi-Page Form (Chinese Visa)

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Multi-Page Form (Chinese Visa)

I was contracted to prototype an application system that involved creating a multiple page form that would have its data saved to a database and used to create necessary documents (PDF) to file for a Chinese Visa Application. The multi-page form is all code and functionality, no design.

The form was built using jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. It allowed users to input their information and save it in a database. The users are also given instructions on what to do once the form is submitted depending on how they filled out the many different individual fields. Required fields used jQuery validation and some fields would open up new fields (jQuery animated) depending on what was inputted.

The PDF documents are generated on the fly using the TCPDF class. A barcode (QRcode) is also generated and placed in the documents so they may be scanned by a barcode reader. The user is also emailed any needed information including a link to download their PDF documents. Lastly, the user can come back to check on the status of their Chinese Visa Application by inputting some identifying information.

Link to website with form is not yet available as it has not gone live yet.

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